Apply for exhibition compensation


Sveriges Konstföreningar (Swedish Art Associations) is able this year to offer all of the artists exhibiting in Nordisk Salong 2017 the opportunity to apply for 2 300 SEK in exhibition compensation. The requirement, as usual, is that you as an artist meet the qualifications contained in the attached application.

If you are interested, fill in, sign and send the application form directly to:

Sveriges Konstföreningar
Susanne Olsson
Tegnérgatan 60 a
216 12 Limhamn

Because this is a special offer from the Sveriges Konstföreningar, I, Kerstin Schultz Wennerström, am not the contact person for the applications for this exhibition. Instead, contact if you have any questions.

Please submit your application as soon as possible – but not if you expect to receive exhibition compensation from another source.

Also, do not forget to send us a small text (at most one A4 page) about yourself or your art. Write down something that you want visitors to know about you. We collect this information and put it in a folder in the exhibition.